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Microsoft to open the gates to cross-platform play between XBox One and PS4 players

Microsoft has announced something that seemed like it would never happen ... cross-network play! The tech giant has teased this feature for a long time, and has now taken the first tentative steps to make it happen. The new feature will allow Xbox One, and Windows 10 gamers using Xbox Live, to play with other gamers on different online multiplayer networks - including PlayStation and other console and PC networks. Continue Reading


Disney Infinity 3 new character line-up for march 2016

Disney are set to release more Marvel Heroes to their ever popular Infinity game universe later this month. Whilst Disney Infinity‘s third instalment has largely focused on various Star Wars stories, there has been a small offering of Marvel characters to satisfy the need for the popular comic book heroes in the Infinity universe. Heading up the new Marvel roster is a new Captain America: Civil War-inspired Captain America figure, which will release as part of Marvel Battlegrounds, a four-player co-op Play Set, where you and some friends can fight against some of the biggest Marvel baddies. Continue Reading