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Why you should want Gigabit Internet for your home

Not all that long ago, "fast Internet" meant commandeering your telephone line with the use of a rather noisome "dial-up" modem. These days, using that very same term, even a connection that is 100 times faster than the old dial-up service is considered slow. So an ultrafast Internet connection may sound like a bit of a luxury, yet with the explosion of new Internet-based services and Internet-connected devices, it will soon become a necessity. Continue Reading

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Review: Blacktop Party Hub 360 Gas Grill-Fryer

The Blacktop 360 Party Hub Gas Grill-Fryer is a portable grill which comes with a handy carrying case. When we say portable, it immediately brings to mind that the Party Hub would be quite small, however, this is not the case. It’s actually quite large, at 30” in diameter, with a cooking surface of about 24” in diameter, so whilst is is portable, it’s certainly not something you would want to lug around with you on your backpack! Continue Reading