Star Wars BB-8 - This is the droid you're looking for!

Ever since its debut in the first trailer for Star Wars Episode VII, the little ball-shaped BB-8 astromech has become the unofficial droid mascot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - and is now available for you to buy - albeit at a much smaller scale than depicted in the trailer!

Standing about 10cm tall with a head stuck on with magnets, BB-8 has everything you would expect from a collectors figure. A detail-rich paint job, some charismatic beeps and quirks and a sense of its surrounding environment (which it will learn via bump mapping), could be enough to convince you that he is more than just a toy.

BB-8 will run for an hour between charges, taking three hours to reach full capacity, with a range of about 30 metres from the user at speeds of up to 5mph. His head points automatically in the direction of travel, and will pop off when crashing into a wall or other obstacle - which will happen... a lot... even through it’s relatively easy to control using a virtual joystick on your smartphone screen. The smartphone controller app itself, is filled with Star Wars noises, sights and sounds, and uses augmented reality to show BB-8 projecting holograms around him. You can even record yourself using your smartphone camera for BB-8 to project and make you feel like you're a part of the Star Wars universe.

BB-8 also has some tricks up his sleeve. Shout "it's a trap" into your phone and the little robot speed away as fast as he can, all the while expressing his emotions using built-in lights and shaking his head. BB-8 is a must have gadget for any Star Wars fan or collector!