Stretch Armstrong and Action Man set to make a comeback in 2016

Hasbro recently signed deals to relaunch Stretch Armstrong and Action Man toys in 2016.

The firm has licensed the global rights for Stretch Armstrong, first launched in 1976, to The Character Group, who will release a line of Stretch Armstrong classic toys in summer 2016.

In 2016, Action Man will celebrate his 50th anniversary. To mark this special occasion, Hasbro has licensed Art + Science International to release five collector edition figures in June that same year.

Featuring in the range will be the classic British infantrymen, the skier, the parachutist, the scuba diver, and the footballer. Each of these collector edition figures will come complete with accessories, gripping hands, a realistic 'flock' of hair, and Action Man's famous scar. They will be presented in a special diorama scene, with a 50th Anniversary Edition dog tag and an illustrated manual. The original Action Man artist, Douglas Hart, will be providing the illustrations for both the packaging and manual.

"This unique range is being developed exclusively for the gift and collector's market and we hope that it triggers many fond memories of everyone’s childhood play, including my own. Through a series of themed releases starting in 2016 we hope to capture the very best of Action Man brand." said Peter Rooke, managing director of Art + Science International.