Review: Antler Aire C1 Cabin Suitcase

The Antler Aire 4-wheel C1 Suitcase, as with it’s larger brethren, is marketed by Antler as “Quite simply the lightest soft case we’ve ever made”, and it is true to form. The C1 weighs in at a mere 2 kg without compromising any of the rigidity and integrity you would expect for a suitcase.

Although the Aire range of cases does contain less side wall padding, which may mean that you have less protection from knocks and bangs, it is far less noticeable in the C1 Cabin, due to the shallower depth.

As with the larger cases from this range, the C1 Cabin sports a 3 digit fixed combination lock which is TSA approved, meaning that the Transportation Security Administration won’t damage your locks when conducting any necessary security checks on your luggage.

The four 360 degree rotating wheels are durable and so manoeuvrable that even my 3 year old moves it around with ease (it is her case now, after all), even when it’s fully loaded. All of the handles on the C1 are extremely comfortable to grip and lifting and carrying this case is a breeze. The C1 Cabin Suitcase does also includes the underside lifting handle, which although may not get used as much as the large or medium cases in this range, still comes in handy for manoeuvring the case in and out of car boots and overhead lockers.

This cabin-size case is ideal for short trips away as it will confirm to most airline carry-on restrictions and the lightweight design will allow you to pack slightly more than you normally would whilst still staying within any baggage weight restrictions. Also great for little hands!

Antler Aire C1 Cabin Suitcase Review

Final Considerations
  • Very easy to manoeuvre
  • Integral TSA lock
  • Multiple colours available
  • Base handle for easy lift
  • Ultra-light at only 2 kg
  • Great for little hands!
  • Lighter weight means less padding
Overall Score 4.2 great
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