Review: Antler Aire Large Suitcase

The Antler Aire 4-wheel Large Suitcase is touted by Antler as “Quite simply the lightest soft case we’ve ever made”, and I have to say I was a little taken aback at how light this case actually is. At just 2.7 kg it’s ultra-light yet surprisingly rigid.

Constructed from nylon, the shell is both lightweight and durable. The Aire range of cases do contain less side wall padding than in their harder case counterparts, but that doesn’t detract from the feeling of resilience and rigidity that these cases give. Of course, with any case having soft sides, anyone looking to travel with any of the Antler Aire range should pack their belongings with this key fact in mind.

The 3 digit fixed combination lock is TSA approved, which means that the Transportation Security Administration won’t damage your locks when conducting any necessary security checks on your luggage.

Manoeuvrability - The four 360 degree rotating wheels are both durable and manoeuvrable, even when the case is fully loaded. Using in conjunction with the retractable handle as a 2 wheel pull/push along, they still operate very smoothly (once the wheels have settled into a natural position).

Handling - With a fully loaded case, it can be difficult lifting it into and out from a car boot, but with comfy grip top and side handles, coupled with the plastic hand grip on the base of the case, this task should be much easier.

Extra space - the large suitcase includes the added benefit of a zipped expandable section, which gives an extra 2cm depth to the whole bag - ideal for holidaymakers who always seem to find themselves overloaded with gifts and souvenirs.

Antler Aire Large Suitcase Review

Final Considerations
  • Very easy to manoeuvre
  • Integral TSA lock
  • Multiple colours available
  • Base handle for easy lift
  • Ultra-light at only 2.7 kg
  • Lighter weight means less padding
Overall Score 4.3 great
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