Review: Blacktop Party Hub 360 Gas Grill-Fryer

The Blacktop 360 Party Hub Gas Grill-Fryer is a portable grill which comes with a handy carrying case. When we say portable, it immediately brings to mind that the Party Hub would be quite small, however, this is not the case. It’s actually quite large, at 30” in diameter, with a cooking surface of about 24” in diameter, so whilst is is portable, it’s certainly not something you would want to lug around with you on your backpack!

The outer ring of the Party Hub 360 is divided up into three distinct sections which all serve their own purpose, such as the main infrared grill, the griddle and the warming area to keep your food heated. This is then complimented by the central deep frying “bowl”. The outer areas are all of equal proportions and, while not large, can accommodate enough food to cook for a small family if used resourcefully.

The main grill and the griddle areas heat up very quickly and maintain a fairly even temperature throughout. Using either of these section will then disperse heat to the warming area, to keep your already cooked food warm. There is also a lid which will fit any one of the three outer sections, giving you better heat retention for cooking, or simply keeping your food warmer for longer.

The centre of the grill is bowl shaped, which can be used as a deep fryer (although not overly deep or large it does fry well) or to boil water for steaming.

The portability aspect of the Blacktop 360 comes from its unique design, with foldable legs that fit snugly underneath and a carrying case that makes it easier to carry around. The grill is powered by a small propane tank, but a larger tank can be attached with the aid of an adapter.

Cleaning and packing up is also quite fast and easy, as the Blacktop Party Hub cools down quickly and the top of the grill comes off giving you better access to clean. Any grease runoff is caught in an insulated container which comes with a lid, so there is no worry of disposing of hot grease, or of it spilling out when transporting.

Overall, the Blacktop Party Hub 360 Gas Grill-Fryer is a small but versatile little grill. It may not fit the needs of most people, but for camping trips or just small gatherings, it’s ideal due to the compact size, portability and multiple (albeit small) cooking areas.

Blacktop Party Hub 360 Gas Grill-Fryer Review

Final Considerations
  • Heats evenly
  • Easy to use controls and ignition
  • Easy cleaning
  • Highly versatile
  • Small cooking zones
  • No gas guage
Overall Score 3.3 fine
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