Chromecast Audio turns your phone into a WiFi home HiFi

Google has now released the Chromecast Audio, a new variant on the original Chromecast video streaming device, which is designed solely to turn your speakers wireless for music streaming.

This device, costing the same as the Chromecast at £30, will turn your existing dumb speakers into Wi-Fi smart ones. If you have ever used a Sonos audio system before, the Chromecast Audio works in a very similar fashion, albeit without the hefty price tag! "Casting" to speakers is the same thing that the Chromecast does for TVs. The Chromecast Audio has high-quality capabilities, 2 watt RMS and optional optical digital out in its hybrid port.

All you have to do is connect it up and use the Chromecast app to stream your music directly to the speaker. No television required, no other special hook-ups necessary. There’s also no additional audio compression. Once you hand over the source of content to the Chromecast Audio device, you're free to use your phone for everything you generally would when not playing music, such as taking calls, surfing the web and playing games.

To take a closer look at what the device can offer, head over to the official Google Chromecast Audio page.