Disney Infinity 3 new character line-up for march 2016

Disney are set to release more Marvel Heroes to their ever popular Infinity game universe later this month. Whilst Disney Infinity‘s third instalment has largely focused on various Star Wars stories, there has been a small offering of Marvel characters to satisfy the need for the popular comic book heroes in the Infinity universe. Heading up the new Marvel roster is a new Captain America: Civil War-inspired Captain America figure, which will release as part of Marvel Battlegrounds, a four-player co-op Play Set, where you and some friends can fight against some of the biggest Marvel baddies.

Captain America won’t be alone in getting a new figure however, He will be joined by Black Panther, Ant-Man and Vision, who will all get new figures, along with a new Power Disc pack containing new vehicles and power-ups for Disney Infinity. Releasing at the same time is a standalone Black Suited Spider-Man figure helping to round out the Captain America: Civil War connections.

Marvel Battlegrounds will introduce new four-player action into Disney Infinity for the first time, with a heavy focus on brawling combat driving the Play Set. All of the existing Marvel characters have been re-balanced to work in this new arena-styled game so that none of them are too overpowered. This new Play Set is part of Disney Interactive’s new strategy to release more content for the core Infinity game without the need to introduce a completely new version of the game. The Marvel Battlegrounds set will also be the first to require a downloadable update to play.

All of the new characters will have distinctive combat abilities, as you would expect. Vision’s phasing ability grants him a big advantage coupled with his flight, and his uppercut is capable of starting a major string of attacks in an air combo. Black Panther is an agile powerhouse, capable of stun and juggle combos that should drive enemies crazy. Ant-Man is a bit more defensive, but can use his shrinking abilities to get a sneaky attack in before enemies know what hit them. Captain America will also receive a new special ability, which summons a heli-carrier attack. It's not clear, however, if the existing Captain America figure will receive the same new ability or whether he'll remain with the original abilities as per Disney Infinity 2.0.

Battles will take place in eight different arenas, including a Brooklyn train yard, the Avengers training facility, the depths of the Wakandan mines, and the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard. All of the stages feature multiple tiers that become accessible as more and more damage is done to a level. This whole gameplay style is very new to the Infinity brand, and should also open up a whole new range of possibilities for level creators.

Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds and all the new figures will be released towards the end of March 2016, and will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, Xbox One & Xbox 360.